Matthew Arnold

Matthew Arnold’s creative work spans many media; documentary filmmaking, photography, writing, and directing. While the medium may change, his work reliably challenges viewer’s perception of reality – sometimes playful, but always impactful.

His first documentary film, The Long Green Line, tells the true story of the legacy and impact of high school cross-country coach Joe Newton. The film was listed as one of the “Top 10 Best Sports Films of All Time” by

Marrying his improvisational training from Second City with his passion for documentary filmmaking, Matthew wrote and directed several mockumentaries:

His first was the web-series, Legends of La La, with Grammy nominated Elle King, abd AVN award winner Nina Hartley. The series dramatized the all-too-true stories of the lives of aspiring singer-songwriters in Los Angeles. True to form, the series was sprinkled with footage from the artist’s real life performances. The success of Legends of La La led to a feature film, The Last Playlist, which followed the story of legendary music producer Nikk Silver comeback.

His next mockumentary was born out of a fascination with technology’s impact on humanity; Downward Doug is a web series that playfully juxtaposes LA’s yoga culture with the tropes of the tech world in Silicon Beach.

Matthew has traveled from the rock n roll clubs of Los Angeles to the mountain villages of Tibet as a photographer and digital artist, his various visual works having been featured in film, television, and private collections.

He’s taught technology at the Latin School of Chicago, Harvard-Westlake, and Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences, as well as lectured at the University of Dayton and the New York Film Academy on writing, improvisational storytelling, and self-distribution via DVD and VOD.

Combating his potential overexposure to technology, he completed a yoga teacher training program, and turned his focus inward to yoga and meditation.

Today, Matthew is working on a new series, It’s Not Letting Me, a how-to-tech series with his mother, developing his next feature film projects, and writing a memoir that follows his path as a creator, artist, and teacher.


Brady Hallongren
Brady Hallongren ran cross country and track for Coach Joe Newton in the 1990s. He studied Cinema Production at Southern Illinois University. He moved to Hollywood in 2000 to work in the fi lm industry and worked as a Title and Camera Supervisor. He is now freelancing as a cameraman and editor for television and independent fi lms.

The documentary The Long Green Line is his feature debut as a Producer and fi rst feature as a Director of Photography. Brady has worked on and completed projects for Lionsgate Films, Sony Picture Classics, Hallmark Hall of Fame and Warner Brothers to name a few. Brady co-produced the documentary Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search for America’s POWs . He is currently freelancing for the action sports network Fuel TV owned by Fox Sports.


Ross Dettman

ROSS DETTMAN is a professional sports photographer based in the Chicago area. He is a regular contributing photographer to ESPN The Magazine and has covered the last six Super Bowls and last four Stanley Cup Finals for the magazine among numerous other assignments across North America. In addition to his regular professional work, he has chronicled much of Matt and Eric’s running careers at York High School. He has licensed hundreds of still images from this collection to the Long Green Line project.